Corona Confinement Relief: 30 Humane Things you must do during the Coronavirus outbreak and worldwide lockdown (Part 2)

This is a very difficult time for many people all over the world and all of our lives are going to be affected by this Novel Corona Virus COVID 19 outbreak. We are grateful for the services of doctors, nurses, other medical staff, people working at different stages of the supply chain who keep the supply of food, medical equipment, and other essential items flowing, police and other security personnel, journalists, policymakers, sanitization workers and many more. This is a global war-like situation. The difference is that this war is against some micro-organisms and we can’t even see, hear, or feel our enemies. We do not have any tested weapons to apply against them either. The only known solution to this problem is to “Break the Chain” mechanism, as per most virologists. As a result, contrary to other wars in the history, the general, young population is not sent to fight in the war-zone, but are asked to stay at home, confine themselves to minimize all kinds of human interaction.

But in this deep dark and difficult time we must do anything and everything in our capacity to contribute to the mitigation of this deadly disease. Besides, I would urge all my readers to start practicing all of the non-conventional methods to fight the NCC-19 along with the demon inside us. I hope it will help you and help our planet to step into a better future and more harmonic existence of humans, other life forms, and mother nature.

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11. Feel blessed for what you have

Difficult times sort our priorities. It brings out every naked truth about life and our society in front of our eyes. This spread of the virus has presented us with the horror of sickness, death, and loss of near ones. When someone gets infected by the virus, becomes severely sick in your country or city, it might feel distant and surreal. But the horror touches us to the core when the same event happens to your neighbor next door. We are all susceptible to any mishap, any day. So, feel blessed for whatever little you have. Look at the wrinkled face of your parents and be thankful for their presence in your life. Appreciate your partner for his/her unconditional love and support for you. Take time to gaze at the face of your sleeping child and feel obliged. Remember, you are really lucky if you have a job or a healthy meal, or an internet connection.

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12. Make some resolution and work on it

If you wake up every morning fearing which news will come your way, that day. Every new year’s eve, we all regret not doing something that we committed to do last year and promise ourselves to do that in the coming year. If that is something that can be done without breaking the rules of this epidemic prevention, then do it now. Do not procrastinate anymore, because, trust me, you won’t get a better opportunity than this. So many things about this year 2020 is negative, make it your one positive thing this year. It will make you a better version of yourself, a more confident person who does what he/she resolves. Once all these are over, you may look back and think of 2020, the year which made you the person you are on that day.

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13. Try helping the vulnerables in the Society

Life is nowhere near normalcy during a lockdown. If you are finding it difficult, please remember those in your society who are the most vulnerable. If you are not finding everything you need in the supermarket and have to make multiple runs in a week, think about the old and sick people for whom going to the supermarket once is a big deal. Moreover, they are even more susceptible to catching the infection from staying out for long. We heard the french president announce that if it is possible then young people should offer their elderly neighbors to do their grocery shopping. You can find other unusual ways, like feeding stray animals. Put a bowl of water outside your main door for those poor souls. Leave some breadcrumbs in your garden and enjoy observing birds in your backyards. Try it in your smallest way possible, nothing is trivial.

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14. Declutter and minimalism

When you have too many things lying around your desk, it delays finding the one thing that you are looking for. Similarly, if you have too many things in your mind, it is highly likely that you will forget something important and regret later. Avoid both of these from happening through decluttering and minimalism. Physical decluttering and minimalism are easy. Take everything and decide which are useful and how often do you use them. If you use something for once in a blue moon keep it away and donate it later. If some of your clothes are really old and torn, throw them away or DIY it into something useful. Once you are only left with important things, sort them out, put them in closed boxes with compartments for cleaner surfaces. Then comes the mind decluttering. The most efficient way is to keep a list for every segment of your thought. Whenever any of the items loses its relevance, check it off. Keep fridge magnets, attach sticky notes in visible places to remind you of things to do. This will declutter your mind, but minimalism for your mind is the hardest. It requires throwing away mental baggage, forgetting mishaps, letting your grudges on people go, and forgiving them. Practice meditation for mind minimalism.

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15. Boost your immunity

This COVID pandemic will be over, sooner, or later. It may take a year or two, but it will definitely be over some time. On the other hand, obesity has been a persistent pandemic. A lot more people suffer from obesity, diabetes, cholesterol, fatty liver, PCOS, etc. Other than genetic reasons, often these are considered to be lifestyle-induced diseases. Changing little things in your lifestyle can make a huge overall impact on your health. So, point out your detrimental habits, try to change them from today, from now on. Eat a lot more vegetables and leaves, exercise every day, reduce stress, remove toxins from your body, eat clean and from sources, etc. It is said that if you do something for 21 days straight, it becomes a habit. You may never know that a small change can have a positive lingering effect until your old age and can save you from morbid diseases. So if you are safe from the wave of this current pandemic, do not lose your focus from boosting your metabolism. Do everything in your capacity to making the immunity of you and your dear ones, your priority.

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16. Share constructive ideas

In this dead garden of problems and inhibitions, if you see even one tiny flower, that can be a great start. When everywhere around you is nothing but darkness, then a single ray of light could be the beginning of hope. It can start from you and can be spread over thousands. So, no idea is trivial, no effort is futile. Share your thoughts and ideas with your peers and people who understand you. On the other hand, listen to others’ ideas and try to support them. Criticism is also welcome as long as they are constructive and is used to motivate others. Often we think of doing something but run out of ways to do it or get stuck at different turns. It can be even more difficult during the lockdown phase as we have lost a lot of communication channels. Remove all barriers and do not let the physical distancing protocol let create mental distance between your coven and you.

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17. Invest in improving yourself and hone creativity

Who does not want to improve themselves? But do many trivial things in your day consume the day itself? Do household chores, kids, office work, routine phone calls, grocery shopping, and cooking take up all your time? And above this does the commute time to your office and back home take up the rest of your time and remaining energy? Its high time, you just throw all these excuses in a dustbin and put a lid on it. It is said that time will never be right to chase your passion, you have to make it right. This lockdown can be the signal when the universe has aligned itself with your inclination, whatever may it be. So, stop hitting the snooze button in life and do not delay any more. Work hard on yourself until you become an improved version of yourself. Take this opportunity to show the world your boundless creativity. Choose anything you like, cook, paint, write, act, but just do not stop.

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18. Find soothing memories and nurture them

Amidst all the negativity and chaos, you may feel restless. Everyone around you is also worried and can sometimes not be in the right frame of mind. You may not support all the actions by the politicians or the policymakers of your country. You may be mentally affected by the job market or the health condition of your loved ones. Everything is possible and they are all very normal. Just do not let all these ruin your mental peace. If you are imaginative, then thinking about old memories, happy incidents and auspicious events of your life can be an awesome coping mechanism. It can be the event of your baby being born or traveling to your dream destination. Nothing should be able to stop you from re-living those precious moments once again. And this practice will also help you keep your mind away from the harsh reality of life for a few moments a day.

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19. Leave your legacy

Corona or not, we are all going to perish someday. Brutal, but that is the truth. Ironically, death is the only certainty in life. We are all going to be naked and ripped off of all privileges at our last moment. No wealth, popularity, or prayer is going to change this fact. The only things you do while you’re alive will remain after you. The only trace of you that will survive on your wake is your deeds, both misdeed, and good deed. Choose your action carefully. One day, you will be remembered by this choice you made today. If you are to choose between what is right and what is right for you, choose wisely. Think twice before you choose something for your petty interest over larger welfare. Let your next-generation be proud of your actions in this dark and difficult time, even when you will not be with them anymore.

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20. Finding purpose and joy in life

Not everything is so glum and evil at this time. A lot of good and benevolent things are happening around you. You just need to have an eye to see them. Don’t blur your vision with all the cons of the situation. Find little joys of life and cherish them. Enjoy having a laugh while watching Tom-and-Jerry with your kiddo. Don’t forget to smile on the first flower in the barren tree in your backyard. Look in the mirror and tell yourself that you are awesome in so many ways, that you can accomplish anything that you set your mind to. Devote your time to your overall wellness, body, and mind. Every stretchmark shows your growth, every wrinkle depicts your experience and every scar is the memory of your struggle. Find the purpose to live and savor every moment of it. Start by not taking anything for granted. Once you are thankful for every little thing in your life, you are bound to find happiness. Also, for happiness, do not depend on others, look within. Try to be the reason for someone else to be happy, but be your own angel as well.

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