Corona Confinement Relief: 30 Humane Things You Must Do during the Coronavirus Outbreak and Worldwide Lockdown (Part 3)

This is a very difficult time for many people all over the world and all of our lives are going to be affected by this Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak. We are grateful for the services of doctors, nurses, other medical staff, people working at different stages of the supply chain who keep the supply of food, medical equipment, and other essential items flowing, police and other security personnel, journalists, policymakers, sanitization workers and many more. This is a global war-like situation. The difference is that this war is against some micro-organisms, and we can’t even see, hear, or feel our enemies. We do not have any tested weapons to apply against them either. The only known solution to this problem is to “Break the Chain” mechanism, as per most virologists. As a result, contrary to other wars in the history, the general, young population is not sent to fight in the war-zone, but are asked to stay at home, confine themselves to minimize all kinds of human interaction.

But in this deep dark and difficult time we must do anything and everything in our capacity to contribute to the mitigation of this deadly disease. Besides, I would urge all my readers to start practicing in all the non-conventional methods to fight the NCC-19 along with the demon inside us. I hope it will help you and help our planet to step into a better future and more harmonic existence of humans, other life forms, and mother nature.

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21. Try informing others and clear doubts

By common saying, in time of doubt, go with what your heart says. But in reality, your heart is busy pumping blood and keeping you alive. So, by ‘heart’ we mean our ‘conscience’. You may be privileged to have a lot of tools like internet, news, hundreds of channels on television at your disposal for staying updated on regular interval, but a lot of people don’t have that opportunity. They may feel even more clueless than you at this time. So keep spreading useful information in your circles and clear their doubts with more compassion and patience. In the process, focus more on elderly people and children, who often worry about things which they have no clarity about.

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22. Document your journey and keep a journal

Everyone has their own journey, their own struggle for survival, for existence. This will pass, and we have already started to resume our so-called normal-ish routine after the lockdown is lifted. But such an event may not happen for hundreds of years and most likely never again in your lifetime. On one side that is what your deepest desire is at this moment, but it is also an experience of a lifetime. Like your great-grandparents or grandparents may have survived the world-wars and those painful experiences are assets to the future generations, this pandemic is no less than that. You may forget a lot of things over time and your grandchildren may miss a lot of details. So try keeping a journal, write your fears, little happiness in small things, stress, routine, mental trauma and everything possible. Start with writing or typing a few lines a day and gradually go up.

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23. Stay aware of cybercrime

At times like these, the best and worst of people come out. So, where you hear about doctors not returning to their homes from hospitals for days, see pictures of nurses and hospital workers falling asleep on the corridors while doing multiple shifts at a stretch, a lot of new genres of crimes will also pop up in the society. From people hoarding medical supplies, companies making profit out of peoples’ misery to a sharp rise in cybercrime is a common incident over the last few months. Be aware about money transactions and seek professional help or free consultancy of someone in the family who is more aware and confident about using computer and internet as a whole.

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24. Practice things that you have been preaching forever

All the good things, healthy habits, time management tips that you have learned from your childhood, this is the time to turn them into action. Do things more efficiently, try different ways of doing the same thing and find out which works best for you. It may cost some time now, but in the long run this will pay off. Ask yourself if you are being completely honest to yourself and dong everything wholeheartedly what you teach your kids to practice. Remember, role models are those who live the life they advertise and set examples by their performance in real life. You may not find a better time and opportunity to master the best practices in daily life.

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25. Practice thinking and forming opinion

Many world leaders are also great thinkers. Everyone who does something groundbreaking, also thinks outside the box. Most successful people are highly opinionated and strong-headed. They learn on a continuous basis, often read about people and life and skills and techniques, work hard to master them or incorporate them in their own life and come out extra-ordinary. Every awesome idea was someday in the incubation of someone’s mind. It’s said, anyone can be a successful entrepreneur if they really have believed in their ideas and had the tenacity to build on that. So practice thinking, form opinion about important things happening around you, this will help carry your work on a different level.

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26. Plan ahead

As we know, failing to plan is planning to fail. It never hurts to plan ahead. It makes you more prepared to deal with difficult situations and give more options to try if some of them fail. Given the pandemic situation, it is pretty often possible that some of your plans do not work, where a backup plan may come to use. So, prepare multiple plans and assign order to them so that you can swiftly shift to the next plan on your list once the current one fails to give you the desired result. If possible, make a vision-board so that you can visualize them and do not need to clutter your mind, which in turn also helps reduce stress.

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27. Create social groups outside virtual networks

The term social distancing is very popular in 2020, but the key is not to be socially distant but maintaining the physical distance for everyone’s safety and well-being. Wellness is not only about your body, it encompasses our mental health as well, which gets hampered deeply if we are not socially connected to other like-minded people. Sometimes, staying at home or working from home may distance you from your family, friends and colleagues. Sometimes, being virtually connected through social networks may also give you a false feeling of connectedness. Be aware of these symptoms and reach out to your family members and friends in real life. Talk to your neighbors from distance, ask about the stress levels of your colleagues. Create real-life social groups and support each other in easing their hardship. Remember, life is always better when someone really cares about you.

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28. Report crimes/fake news/rumors

Stay away from all hoax, do not forward false news, and definitely do not believe in them. If you spot some which can be harmful for some community, then report to the cyber police. Keep an eye around you on people talking about these things and report to the concerned authority about any abnormalities. Due to the huge change in social and economic dynamics, such crimes can be at a rise. People loosing jobs can take refuge to such trickery and a lot of people may become the victim of them and not know what to do or how to come out of these troubles. So stay aware for yourself and keep an open eye for your loved ones.

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29. Stay informed, stay logical, stay sane

Other than false news and hoax, a lot of superstitions and rumors can rise in the society. It can be even more of a problem with people of no science inclination. They may find illogical home remedies or unscientific ways to get rid of this perilous situation, very relatable. People with little or no access to education can be gullible and sometimes may step into the traps of some scams that may affect their health and mortality. Even such news can come in disguise which may even deceive the educated population. So stay informed, confirm news from the concerned authority before believing in it, consult a doctor before applying tips and tricks, try analyzing things logically. Do not paranoia take over your mind and try to stay calm and maintain sanity.

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30. Reflect and act responsible

Last, but not the least, please do not stop to reflect upon your own actions. Often, we confuse between Earth and the existence of humankind and other life-forms on the planet. This situation is only affecting the humankind, not the planet itself or almost any other species. Earth was here long before we came to existence and will remain intact long after we will be gone. So, we need to be careful about how we use the resources that this generous planet provides us for free, so that our species does not go extinct. We need to be responsible in our behavior, lifestyle, consumption of environmental resources and keeping the overall balance for our future well-being. So stop and think twice before littering, irresponsible disposal of waste, hurting flora and fauna, emitting more carbon dioxide or making a bigger carbon footprint through your action. Act responsible today or you will have no answer to the allegations of your future generations.

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In most countries in the world the lockdowns are lifted or a partial lockdown remains. But restrictions will be in the place for long. Many countries are also seeing a spike in the number of daily infections once again after it seemed to vanish. So stay careful, take care of yourself and people around you. In turn, keep your surroundings and the world healthy and green. Stay sane, stay humane. We shall overcome.

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