We are a small team of diverse talents with a wide range of interests. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to seeing you here frequently. Stay tuned to know who we are, what we love to do.


Author & Co-designer & Sous-chef

I am a Computer Science researcher by profession, currently residing in France. But art has always been my lifeline. I loved to paint, sing, write, and create artistic content in the different mediums since my childhood. My profession distracted me from these but I always missed my artist soul. Then as I grew up and traveled to different countries and continents for my studies, my travel frenzy began.
I’ve always been a foodie and my mom is no less than a Michelin star Masterchef in my eyes. So, being a foodie and very close to my mom, I spent hours chatting with her about nitty-gritty in my life while she cooked. I realized her brilliance even more when I moved out of my parents’ house and started cooking for myself. I find it very unfair that none of her recipes and expertise reaches a wide audience, as they deserve. So I bring her innovations in front of everyone on her behalf, with a touch of globalization.
So, I am a travel-food-music-lifestyle enthusiast. I also take a deep interest in health and wellness. I am a strong endorser of balance in life, like work-life balance, profession-passion balance, etcetera. I would share my life, recipes from my mom’s kitchen and from all over the world, travel experiences, minimalization, mindset, lifestyle, health and wellness tips and so much more in this website.

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Co-Designer & Photographer

I am a Computer Science researcher by profession, currently residing in France. I am not professional but I love to take photographs since when I could not afford a decent camera. I love to travel, enjoy good food and music.

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Head-Chef & Critic

I have more than thirty long years of experience in cooking. I am very sincere about my recipes and my cooking never disappoints. I play with traditional cooking recipes and love to mix-and-match.

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